Maintaining the balance of nature

The responsible treatment of resources is unavoidable if the natural basis of life is to also be maintained for future generations. To protect the climate and conserve our natural resources, the following facts and commitments are of particular importance:

  • Taking into account sustainability, poultry demonstrates the best balance between water and energy consumption in comparison with other types of meat. The cultivation of feedstuffs for poultry requires comparatively less agricultural space and greenhouse gases are low.
  • At HANNA, all production and logistic processes are examined and optimised in terms of conserving resources, climate protection and minimising environmental damage by emissions.
  • Cooked products are produced at HANNA by means of a hot air process which saves fat and energy.
  • For many years, HANNA has being relying on efficient energy and water management, variously by means of targeted heat recycling and the stringent and continuous reduction of water in production.
  • HANNA observes ecological waste management: Packaging is arranged with the consistent use of multi-use systems to keep procurement and production to a minimum.
  • All residual and waste materials are recycled to 100% at HANNA



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