Social issues

Social Justice and Responsibility

Sustained business also requires investment in employees. Responsibility, education, equal opportunities and consequently social confidence promote human welfare. At HANNA, these points are an important contribution towards social justice and responsibility:

  • HANNA can claim permanence. The family company has been in the market for 40 years, is involved with tradition and committed to the future.
  • A policy of consistent quality is the basis and foundation of the HANNA corporate strategy.
  • A constant and stable workforce ensures the reliable execution of all tasks at HANNA. Many employees have been with us for decades and like the idea of “rotating” jobs on the various production lines.
  • Training sessions and vocational training are regularly offered to HANNA employees in relevant areas.
  • HANNA recognises the performance and commitment of employees. Performance-related remuneration is therefore a matter of course.
  • For years, HANNA has been committed to a continuing process of improvement by means of regular optimisation of products and production processes, thus clearly supporting a long-term assured future.



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