Since over 40 years our passion is aimed at first-class poultry products

What already began in 1965 with breeding chicken has developed to a company of branded products during the past decades, the trademark of which are poultry specialties in premium quality.

Specializing in thoroughly-refined chicken and turkey breast filet, HANNA is known today throughout the industry for finest poultry products with a high convenience character.

The company’s development

HANNA convinces with frozen products since 1972 and even the basic range in the varieties Chicken Breast Filet Natural and Breaded was individually quick frozen and, therefore, could be taken out of the packages individually.

From the beginning, HANNA’s product development has focused not only on quality, but also on the comfort for the customers. Products on which our customers can always rely because of the high level in taste, processing and handling.

Especially in the beginning the high technical expertise and the careful processing of the products lay the foundations for our success. Thus, the company could expand in the early 1980’s and opened up new business segments, first of all as a competent partner in the booming home services. Particularly the juicy Chicken Schnitzel, the Cordon Bleu and the Chicken Crossies delighted households throughout Germany.

From the middle of the 1980’s our company has also conquered the catering industry and has established this field as one of the main business areas. In the past and also today our products go with the trend towards high-quality, light poultry. As a well-known poultry specialist HANNA serves this market within Germany and Europe. Always in the interests of the high demand in quality and the market-based certifications.

Step by step we move with the times and with our customers’ needs. It is important to us to always react to developments on the market, to lead the way with innovative product ideas and to be part of the progress. This central theme appears again and again in the development of the company: In 1999 with an ultramodern cooking line, most recently in 2006 with the construction of a stock and logistic centre, which enables us to react individually and flexibly to our customers’ orders.

HANNA-Feinkost AG

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Since 2007, when HANNA has been reorganized as a PLC – a family PLC exclusively owned by the family of the founders – we serve our customers with fresh ideas, longstanding know-how and best poultry products in a 40 years tradition of passion.




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